Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The last projects for the year

As of Christmas Eve, we will have been living in our log cabin for one year. Today, I finished up the last project for the year, building the master bedroom closet. Mom now has her long-hoped-for door with a mirror. We also put up bulletin boards around the pantry door for our yearly calendar and table manners directions that Victoria made for us. Now I'm organizing the shed so we can transfer the tools and other building materials out of the house. In January we'll put in the downstairs floors, finish the window trim and the ceilings on the porches. With all of the excitement of everyone coming to enjoy the cabin, we didn't have time to go to the sawmill to get the lumber for these last projects. But the house looks great!!


  1. It's looking really great. I notice Moms sewing machine isn't there. Did she decide sewing in a dark closet while surrounded by infinite unseen views wasn't as glamorous as (Dad) imagined?

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