Saturday, April 23, 2016

Ted and Oliver's Food Adventures

Ted and Oliver came with mom Debbie to visit grandma and grandpa for a week.
Of course they had to collect and dine on our famous road kill cabbage.
They also picked and ate lots of blackberries...
made pizzas...
hunted for sea life to eat...
and got plenty from Bubba Gump.
After hamburgers and milkshakes at Steak and Shake they wondered what else they could do with their hands.
So they flew kites, popped bubbles, and caught goldfish to put in the horse troughs for mosquito control.
Debbie was amazed as how much Ted matured in just a week.
Does it look like they had a good time?


  1. It was such a great visit! Thank you for letting us come and stay with you and treating us so special!

  2. Very cute. It looks like a fun visit. Looks like you've got your golf cart going again too. So glad. Love you.