Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Diet

Mom decided to put me on a diet to get rid of some belly fat before I take the boy scouts to summer camp. Here is the before picture at the start of the "fool proof" diet that guarantees a 8 to 12 pound loss within the first two weeks.
We usually only eat 2 meals a day but on this diet, you eat 6 times a day, Filipino style--a big breakfast, lunch, and dinner and snacks midway between the meals and before bedtime. I complained that the portions seemed a bit large, but she said she was following the directions exactly and the book said that the diet was designed so that you would feel full rather than starved. I felt stuffed all week.
When I weighed myself after the first week, I reported that I only lost weight if I took off ALL my clothes, which could be a bit embarrassing if I wanted to use the scales at Publix Supermarket. Here's my picture after one week of the foolproof diet.
When Mom was making gazpacho as a small part of the noon meal for today, I noticed that it seemed like she was making A GALLON!! She said she was just doubling it so she could have some too. I asked to look at the recipe. Notice what I saw in the bottom left corner...
By doubling the recipe, she was making enough gazpacho for 10 people!! No wonder I wasn't losing any weight. She didn't notice that most of the recipes weren't for single portions.

We'll see if the diet now works with the adjusted amounts so I won't have to weigh myself nude at Publix. I was a bit anxious when I read on the book cover that this diet was foolproof. To protect the creator of the diet, I won't tell you which diet it is.

We've been laughing all day about our diet mishap. Oh yes, I staged the after picture with pillows under my hoodie, but I certainly felt that way all week.


  1. Boy, I was a little worried until I read that last comment. You are just supposed to eat until you are full. Don't keep eating food on the table if you are already full!