Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Otthon--at home in Sopron

I'm sure you want to see our place in Sopron, a little town about 35 miles from Vienna on the Austrian border where I am the branch president. We live on the left side on the first floor (the 0 floor in Hungary). It's the apartment with the bay window.

When you unlock the front door and go inside, you see the door to our apartment. If you turn left and go upstairs, you'll find other apartments. This is a vendégház or guesthouse with rooms for rent.

This is our lovely ebedlö (dining room) and nappali (living room) with the bay window.

The konyha (kitchen) is to the left. That's the window you saw to the left of the front door.

The door you see on the right of the dining room table leads to the hálószoba (bedroom)in the back of the house.

There we have a nice balcony where we can look out over the city...

or we can dry out clothes.

Of course Mom (Thompson Növer--Sister Thompson) smuggled in a tiny collection of horses.

Here is our dolgozószoba (workroom/study) where you will see us when you Skype. The window is the one you saw to the right of the front door. It has a nice guest bed for when you visit. It's a bit softer than the floor.

When you come to visit, you'll need to wash your clothes by the end of the stay. Between our bedroom and the study (behind where I stood to take the picture of the livingroom) is our fürdöszoba or combination bathroom and laundry. As you can see, you have to suck in your breath and lighten up your stomach to turn around, especially when you try to get into the shower.


  1. Great tour of your new flat. Köszönet.

  2. Well it looks just like the apartments in Romania!