Sunday, August 22, 2010

Szombathely--Young Adult Fun

Saturday we took some Young Single Adults to a district YSA activity at the Sombathely District chapel. This was the first chapel build in Hungary and Bonnie served here on her mission. I wanted to see the chapel since one of my goals is to get our attendance up so we'll be eligible for a chapel too. (80 is the goal. We had 34 today but 48 two weeks ago).

They had a water balloon extravaganza. Which side looks like it is winning?

Of course here is my favorite missionary.

Here are the worker bees putting out the refreshments--palacsintas (the Hungarian version of crepes). That's Elder Haslem. We replaced him and his wife in Sopron. Their task is now to establish a district Young Adult Center in Szombathely. Everyone loves them here in Sopron so I'm sure they'll be a great success in Szombathely.

I decided to look around the chapel to see what we could have in Sopron if we work together. This is the entrance hall.

Doesn't the chapel look nice? I love their ceiling. It's multipurpose so they can hold dances and other activities here.

The Relief Society room includes the kitchen on one side.

The primary room is a bit small.

The baptismal fount is behind these glass doors in an alcove in the hallway. It's better than the sauna we have to use.

This is where they are trying to set up a Young Adult Center. It includes ping pong tables and a classroom.

I thought you'd like to see that since this is the district center, it has satellite for church broadcasts at General Conference time. Since Sopron is an hour away, we'll see it on tape the next week. This serves as an outdoor cultural hall. Can you see the green picnic tables behind the storage shed? You can also see the post on the left that holds the basketball standard. The standard is on the ground next to it waiting to be reattached.


  1. Ohh That is sooo nice! We are envious! Lovely Chaple! That gives us incentive for here in Pécs! 8o is the magic we are working on it too!

  2. Looks like you kids are having a fun time!