Friday, August 6, 2010

Szentendre--tourist town

On Monday we had our first zone conference in Budapest with three zones. Half the mission was there. The morning we spent in training. The afternoon we had a cultural excursion to sites north of town on the Duna (Danube). Here Mom is showing off the town square of Szentendre (St. Andrew), a tourist town that we didn't get to when we lived in Hungary 20 years ago. It's a famous artist colony with lots of art galleries and museums. It hasn't changed much in 200 years or so.

Here mom and Sister Baughman (pronounced "Boffman"), the mission president's wife, are checking out the famous Hungarian peppers. Do you think they can find just the right one? Doesn't the mission president's wife look like Aunt Gwen's Krissy? She's just as nice too.

Here are a couple of the creative signs advertising businesses.

Can you guess who they think has the money to spend?

Of course with all that walking around, Dad needs a nice Hungarian ice cream cone. If it chills him off too much, he can buy one of these fur hats.

Mom, of course, just needs to find a Hungarian cowboy and a horse to pep her up.

Relaxing on the banks of the Duna is a great way to end the day. Lots of people come up from Budapest on tour boats as a day trip.

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  1. What is your mailing address there in Hungary Thompsons? Please post it somewhere on this blog...maybe you have and I just don't see it. Looks like a grand mission! Much love John and Sharon DAME