Friday, November 26, 2010

Hálaadó ünnep--Thanksgiving

Is that me up in the tree looking for the meat to serve for thanksgiving?

Are these sheep or goats? Whatever they are, I don't think they'll do.

I think we'll pass on the ham. This boar is a tall as I am and a lot stronger.

We'll grab one of these turkeys if we can get past the rooster guarding the flock.

Mom is surrounded by her Relief-Society-special turkeys waiting for the real thing.

Do you think this will make it to the table? You know the Thompson rule, whoever carves the turkey has first choice before it is served--just to test it out, of course.

The Haslems, the other couple in our zone, think we should start out with sticky buns.

No matter what we served, the fourteen missionaries dug right in. Our three German elders weren't quite sure what to make of the custom--especially the turkey and the pumpkin pie. (We forgot the cranberry sauce special ordered from America.) But they developed a taste for everything and were the last to leave.

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