Monday, November 15, 2010

Quaint living?

I'm sure you've enjoyed looking at pictures such as this one of a narrow road with bright colored houses with window boxes right next to the street. Notice in the background that the street is taking the car right through the barn to continue up the steep hill.

But if you get out and walk around, as we did on our way to a service project, this is what you see.

How would you like this to be the entrance to your house?

Or this to be the wall by your back door?

Here are Elders Baumgartl and Muller helping Brother Horvath clear out the years of debris piled behind the house so he can get to the wall to plaster it and perhaps plant a garden in the spring. Now you know why ancient civilizations got buried. They didn't have elders willing to do service projects!

We spent two and a half hours shoveling and hauling debris to the dumpster. Mom says that projects like these will make sure that we have strong bones in our old age--all the better for building our log cabin when we get home.

Here's mom putting the final touches on the patio next to the sand that will be used to plaster the walls of Brother Horvath's house. You now know what lies behind the pretty walls that line the streets.

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