Thursday, January 13, 2011

Feeding Rozsi neni and Gizi neni

We've showed you the "spiritual ping pong" approach to doing missionary work. How about "spiritual banana pudding"? For the first course Rozsi neni and Gizi neni are enjoying roasted potatoes, carrots, and roasted chicken with Caroly. Gizi neni is the member missionary helping us to fellowship Rozsi neni. She'll be baptized soon. Both are in their late 80's. You put "neni" (auntie) after the name of old women as a term of endearment--they insist on it.

Do we look spiritual with our delicious Florida "dinner on the grounds" style banana pudding? Even Bambi had to join us in the picture. Rozsi neni brings him to church since she doesn't want to leave him at home that long. Gizi neni didn't bring her Waldi. A neighbor took care of him.

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