Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Visit to Tata

Today was apartment inspection day. The apartments furthest away from Sopron were in Tatabanya, on the outskirts of Budapest and about a three hour drive from our home. On the way back we stopped at the quaint tourist town Tata, built around a popular fishing lake. Here you can see the reflection of their famous castle. The original with four towers was built some 600 years ago but was destroyed when the Turks invaded the area. What you see here is the one tower and the knights hall that were rebuild a bit more than 200 years ago.

It now sits in a beautiful park with paths stretching around the lake that were filled with joggers, strollers, and bikers even on this cold January day that was threatening snow. There were statues everywhere for people to enjoy. Mom especially liked this one of a woman named Diana. It's the only statue we've found of a woman on a horse.

This bugler is mourning for the citizens of Tata who were killed in the First World War. As we mentioned in an earlier blog, the Hungarians feel that they were the unjustified victims in this war that reduced their country to a fraction of its size.

Here's an artistic shot of John the Baptist getting ready to climb into the lake. The water looks like it has a bit of ice on it, so he probably should put on a few more clothes.

Does it look like I'm getting good vibes from our walk-about or am I just playing a game of patty-cake?

Mom says I'm going to break a leg trying to get into the right position to take a photo.

But I thought this picture of a mill wheel was worth the risk.

Here are some more water wheels at an abandoned mill. The mill is for sale. It might make an interesting inn or restaurant for the tourists. There are quaint hotels and restaurants everywhere in this tourist district so business should be good in the summertime.

I'll just sit here for awhile in the park and think about the possibilities.


  1. In Uruguay, the Target or Kmart like store is called Tata. When I saw the title of your post, I thought it was about a shopping trip. =)

  2. Wow! Looks like an awesome trip!

    (Hope you don't mind me randomly commenting!)