Thursday, May 26, 2011

Couples conference

Twice a year the couples get together for "training." Here we're getting ready for our training cruise up the Danube to the tourist Mecca Szentendre. The president said that getting us all to the same place at the same time was like herding cats.

Earlier, Caroly and I stopped off at the Terror Museum--a pleasant looking building on a tree-lined boulevard leading to Heroes Square not far from the opera and other cultural sights. In the basement is a dungeon where the Nazis and Communists tortured and killed various people who disagreed with them from the 1940s until 1989. If you look closely, you can see how this sign along the rooftop casts a shadow that says "TERROR" on the face of the building.

At night we enjoyed the lights of castle hill. This is the national library where Kim spent a day last month when she visited us.

Do you feel like a knight should be coming up the stairs?

This is the back of Mattias Church.

Sorry that the night view across the Danube didn't turn out so well--but you can see the effect of the night lights.

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