Thursday, May 12, 2011

Spiritual sauerkraut?

As you know, we've been having the families in the ward over to make homemade pizza, play balloon volleyball, watch a DVD, and talk about sharing the gospel with their neighbors. Sister Bordas is in a wheelchair so the family couldn't come to us--so we took the fun to them. However, since their oven isn't working, we went German instead of Italian in honor of their son Öcsi (in the yellow shirt), who just returned from his mission in Germany.

We used our crockpot to make our family favorite sauerkraut roast with betsies (spaetzle) and cucumber salad. The weather was perfect so we ate outside, picnic style, and turned our volleyball game into beach volleyball. (Sister Bordas enjoyed playing that.) Topping off our picnic was chocolate and lemon ice cream and cookies for dessert--yum,yum.

We couldn't finish our beach volleyball game because our "ball" popped when it hit a prickly plant and I forgot to bring extra balloons. (Our side was winning 4-1) We still had fun and they were inspired to show the DVD to grandma and talk to her about the church.

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