Monday, May 30, 2011


My machete girl gets cabin fever if she spends too much time studying Hungarian at home. When she saw that our landlady was working in the yard moving a big pile of dirt around, she rallied the troops. She says it's not a good day if we haven't sweated a bit from good hard work.

Our reward was a genuine Hungarian picnic on the patio--as you can see here: lots of sliced raw bacon fat (the white strips), Hungarian kolbasz (the dark sausage on the right), red onions, tomatoes and peppers to put on the brown bread on the top left. Nagyon finom!


  1. I know exactly how she feels! Wish there was some dirt in our neighbor's yard -- it's all paved with tiles! My 3 little plant pots don't quite get my hands dirty enough!

  2. Hello Roger and Caroly! We heard about your blog from Rob. It looks like you are having a great mission. Hello from us! We are on a mission here in Gainesville; we could sure use a senior couple in our ward.

    Be well--it will be fun to check in and see how things are going with you!
    From Jenny and Don Thomas

  3. P.S. So how is the raw bacon fat? I'm gagging a little bit here in my sheltered food part of the world.