Friday, January 20, 2012

The finish line

We're home again. Here we are with President Baughman and his wife the night before they sent us off.

After uneventful flights from Budapest to Amsterdam to Atlanta to Gainesville, we crossed the finish line

Our flight arrived 30 minutes early in Gainesville, so these were our greeters.

Most of the rest arrived after we got the luggage. Do we look overdressed for Florida?

But of course, being true Thompsons, everyone made it for our favorite BBQ feast at Sonny's.

At 9:15, President Graham released us...

and at 9:20 gave us exciting new callings. We are now the advisers to all the Spanish speaking units in the stake doing the same things we did in Hungary but in Spanish. We are also in charge of the Youth Book of Mormon three day Quest activity this summer.

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  1. Welcome home and congratulations! Love to you both!