Friday, January 13, 2012

Sweet success

We can now go home with the feeling of sweet success since they are earnestly putting in the long promised "lift" so our older members and those with disabilities can more easily get to the 3rd and 4th floor where we have church. We have petitioned for this nearly every week for 18 months. The members knew for sure that it was an impossible dream.

Can you see the small dark squares on each level of the building? Those are the guide holes telling the builders where the doors will be for entering our building after the elevator is built.

The white square at the floor level on the inside shows where the guide holes come through at each landing on the stairs. Since it is the middle of winter and starting to snow, they glued a Styrofoam cover over the hole to keep the weather out.

Looking out through the window you can see the base of the elevator.

They are putting another elevator at the other end of the building they are remodeling. The scaffolding goes to the top on one wall of the shaft that they are constructing. The owner says there will be beautiful atriums surrounding each elevator.

We hoped it would be done before we left. The members say they'll call it the "Thompson Memorial Lift."

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