Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The last visitors

We just sent off to Budapest our last visitors, Kim's good friend and landlady Jill from Australia and her son Anthony from London. We did our usual things that you've seen in the blog, i.e. watching a sunset at Lake Balaton, exploring Sümeg castle, visiting where the iron curtain first fell, walking the streets of Sopron, and of course eating lots of good food. Here they are eating langos, our favorite street besides Hungarian ice cream.

The weather was cold but clear. From our favorite lookout tower, you can see not only on the right the Tarody castle that a man build for forty years as his family home from building rubble starting in the 1950s but the snow capped Alps in the distance on the left.

Now we have to get packed to come home.

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  1. We have loved folowing your adventures on the blog! we felt a little closer to our friends in Hungary -- we are going to miss your fun posts! Have a great trip home and best wishes for the next adventure in your lives!