Thursday, June 28, 2012

Grandparents Camp 2012

Why are all these colorful kids on the beach?
Why do grandma and grandpa look so happy?
Even their grown children look ready for fun!
Why, it's time for Grandparents Camp 2012 with lots of beach fun to celebrate our 45 years of marriage: Games,
kite flying,
jumping in holes,
building sand castles,
and boogie boarding.
There were even indoor activities to keep out of the noonday sun to prevent sunburns: making balloon hats and animals,
playing carnival games
and playing card games,
making shell animals
and wallets,
listening to Aunt Kim's stories,
watching Uncle Randy's yo yo tricks,
eating treats,
and, of course, singing family favorite songs such as the "Ole Black Sow," the "Titanic" and the "Preacher and the Bear".
We also did mud bogging,
and golf carting.
Some tried their hand at archery.
We picnicked on our new land,
played games,
and sat on cars to tell jokes and watch the sunset.
We also made videos.
Here's the fun video Uncle Eric made the last day. Of course, the guests of honor for the week were the new babies born this year: Sarah,
and Oliver (still in momma's belly!)
The highlight of the week was Wendy and Daniel's wedding on Thursday.
Here we all are at the yacht for a 3 hour breakfast cruise up and down the Intracoastal Waterway at Palm Coast.
Does anyone look hungry?
After the delicious Southern breakfast buffet (the biscuits and gravy were wonderful), there was dancing...
and cake eating.
Then we were off to the Orlando Temple for the wedding at 4
in the room behind the shining window.
Don't the parents look proud?
As do Wendy's brothers and sisters.
What a great way to end Grandparents Camp 2012. For the first time, everyone in the family, including spouses, was there. Thanks Wendy and Daniel for bringing everyone together.

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  1. Fun commentary and good selection of snaps and vid to encapsulate the week's events. (: