Friday, June 1, 2012

Green Acres is the place for me!

Why are these people out surveying property in Flagler County?
Is this the new dream home for Thompson adventure camps for the grandchildren?
Nope, that's a gag picture to tease you. What they are doing is surveying these 30 acres of pasture land in Flagler County stretching to the trees you can see in the south a few miles from the Atlantic Ocean.
Here is the look eastward towards the road. Notice how the trees hide the road and the neighbors. You feel like you are isolated in the middle of paradise.
In this look to the west can you see the Florida mountains?
Right now there are no buildings, just acres of wild blackberries. They ripen between Mother's Day and Father's Day so Grandma picked two gallons from our new land to serve in two weeks at Grandma's Camp baked for the grandkids in Blackberry Buckle. Yum, yum.
The sunsets are spectacular. Can I see a ghost horse foreshadowing the future?
How do you like this panorama view from south to west to north? We just have to add the horses for country girl grandma, a pool for city boy grandpa and of course a house filled with beds for visitors. I don't know if we'll have Arnold the Pig visiting to make our Green Acres adventure complete.


  1. Love it! Beautiful choice. Can't wait to see it in real life!

  2. How exciting. You finally found it. Can't wait to visit.