Wednesday, May 18, 2016

New Stairs

Spring is here in full bloom. Here is a sample of the magnolia tree and the gardenia bush blossoms.
But as you can see when you look at when grandma smells her prize flowers, the setting is not very appealing...
so grandpa's task is to make a more pleasant setting by building a new stairway from the back porch to the picnic and play area, create a flower and herb garden and design a covering for the garbage cans on the side of the house. Here are the results.
Things will look better when the grass fills in. This is just the first of the outdoor projects to make the cabin a showplace for visitors.


  1. Well done. Leveling bricks can be tricky.

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  3. Are those Christmas decorations I see May? Interesting.

  4. Those are the lights we have on the porch as a visual railing to give a European sidewalk csfe/bistro effect. They also give light on the porch if we want to eat there at night.

  5. Wow! Those stairs looks ways better! Nice work. And the pretty new garden, and nice fence to hide the garbage cans. It looks awesome!