Saturday, May 21, 2016

Roadkill Potatoes

You saw the roadkill cabbage we collected on our walks when heads rolled off the trailers as they bounced down our road from the harvest to the packing shed. Cabbage harvest is over and potatoes are now being harvested. Here is what we picked up on our walk out to our mailbox.
This is how they harvest the potatoes. If you click on the last picture, you can see how full the wagons get after just one time down a row. No wonder potatoes bounce off when they go down our road.
Raising potatoes is a lot less labor intensive than cabbage or other vegetable crops. For example, it only takes two drivers to harvest the potatoes rather than a crew of 10 to 15.

I understand that the potatoes from our county are used mostly to make potato chips. Our area is the potato capital of Florida. In fact, Bunnell just held its annual Potato Festival--though this year they renamed it the Harvest Festival to include the cabbages and other veggies grown here now that agriculture has been diversifying.


  1. Well, well, the things I didn't know about Florida agriculture. Interesting. What a great state!

  2. And looking at your striped shorts...why do I feel as though those are shorts I wore when I was at BYU? You are getting slim if you can fit in hand-me-down shorts I wore in the 90s! Well done magic all-you-can-eat diet.