Tuesday, March 15, 2011

1848 Hungarian Revolution

March 15 is 1848 Hungarian Revolution Day commemorating when the Hungarians rebelled against the Austrian attempt to kill the Hungarian language and the Hungarian culture. Szechenyi was one of the heroes of this revolution.

On this day there are Hungarian flags and colors everywhere...

even on lapels.

Anyone who has a uniform, old and young alike, seems to be wearing it.

Here you can see all the flags and the wreathes that various patriotic groups are placing at the base of Szechenyi's statue in Sopron.

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  1. Hello Sir!

    Firstly, sorry for my terrible english!
    The uniforms of the fifth image, is a students uniform, what the students wear in Sopron. Thats a forester uniform. The uniform comes from Selmecbánya, from the Selmeci Akadémia (the mining and forestry collage).

    "In 1735, the first mining school in the Kingdom of Hungary was founded there by Samuel Mikovíny. In the years 1762-1764, the Hofkammer in Vienna, with support from Queen Maria Theresa, transformed the school into the Academy of Mining. In 1807, a Forestry Institute was "established under the decision of Emperor Franz I"; in 1843 the school was renamed the Academy of Mining and Forestry, 'the first technical university in the world'.[2] In 1919, after the creation of Czechoslovakia, the Academy was moved to Sopron in Hungary. The student traditions of the Academy are still living in its successors, the University of Miskolc, and colleges in Sopron, Székesfehérvár, and Dunaújváros"

    We (the metallurgical, mining (in Miskolc University) and forestry (Sopron University) students) wearing own uniforms even today. This is my festal clothes.