Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hidden surprises!

Most of the members of the Sopron branch live walking distance of the church, which is in the middle of downtown. You might wonder where they live, since in the USA people don't live downtown. Take a close look at this building built in 1818 (if we can read our Roman numerals correctly.)

Mom and the Elders are showing us a hidden door in the front under the balcony between two businesses.

Inside it opens up to a courtyard with children playing and apartments on the second floor (first floor in Hungarian.) The doors on the ground floor are mostly the back doors of the businesses that line the surrounding streets.

Here they are trying out the well water. Notice the children's sled to the side.

Mom has discovered the grand staircase to the apartments on the next level.

Guys, don't shut the gate to the stairs and leave me behind!

These hidden surprised are everywhere and are often shortcuts through the blocks. Exploring them is part of the adventure of walking around downtown.

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