Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Righteous dudes

Caroly, I know it is P-day, but missionaries can't go swimming, even in shallow Lake Fertö. Besides, you are so righteous and have so much faith, I bet you can walk on water.

I said "Walk on water" not "Run." Slow down! I can't keep up!

Look! Even the missionaries can do it!

Whoops! I sense a momentary lack of faith.

Elders Müller and Wiborny are showing that calm faith does it.

For you doubters who think that grandma can't walk on water, click on the picture and you'll see that grandma is walking on the water over to some swans swimming around.

Look! Grandpa can even sleep on water!


  1. Our faith has grown just by reading this post. Looks chilly out there.

  2. I remember seeing frozen ponds when I was there, and I remember seeing the swans walking on top of the ice. I remember thinking how funny they looked walking on the ice. You always see them swimming gracefully in pictures and stuff, but when they were waddling upon the ice....fun stuff. It reminded me of a ballerina walking around with a tutu on, and instead of dancing gracefully, just walking around, hanging out.