Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Birthday Bash

Why is this bi-plane buzzing our house?

They must have smelled the birthday goulash cooking in the backyard, Hungarian style.

It looks better with each new ingredient added about half an hour apart--two handfuls of chopped onions, six handfuls of cubed meat, a handful each of chopped tomatoes and paprika powder, two handfuls chopped carrots, and finally towards the end three handfuls diced potatoes--give or take a handful or two of each ingredient according to taste. Half a tube of goulash paste hits the spot. The whole process takes about four hours. Add water a little at a time. Too much water all at once dilutes the flavor. It's done when you can easily mash a potato with your stirring spoon against the side of the pot. The smoke adds just the right touch that you can't get if you cook this in the kitchen. Make sure you have nice man-sized hands for the measurements if you want to serve 15 guests two or three helpings.

Did you say you needed some more wood chopped?

Do the birthday people Erika, Elder Thompson, and Csaba look happy with their presents, a lasagna pan and a Csaba plate for his motorcycle? (You can't see my chocolate bar.)

How about the joy on the faces of the guests eating away? Notice the traditional Thompson Birthday Cake (watermelon) for all the dieters.

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  1. We love your posts! Glad to see you are still partying on!