Thursday, July 14, 2011

Missionary Digs

I'm sure you have wondered what kinds of apartments the Hungarian missionaries live in. Last August you saw pictures of our apartment in Sopron. Since we inspect the apartments in Sopron, Györ, and Pápa every other month, we thought we'd give you a look at life in the "old country." I know you might think that this nest on a telephone pole near a church should be an example for frugal living, but this is actually a nest of baby storks in a village near Pápa.

Elders Hommes and Wright in Sopron probably feel they live in a nest on the top of a telephone pole as they climb the metal spiral up to their attic apartment on the 5th floor above the chapel.

Elders M. Allen and Masters are showing how comfy the beds are in Pápa.

Here is where elders H. Allen and Tracy in Györ study in the morning, when they aren't distracted by visitors bringing zucchini and banana bread and asking them to pose for the folks at home.

Of course, Sisters Feller and Skiba in Györ look like they are posing for House Beautiful--the place definitely has a woman's touch.

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