Saturday, July 23, 2011


The branch hadn't heard of pioneer day so we thought that for the Elder's Quorum activity this month we'd do some pioneer day activities since both Caroly's and my ancestors pulled handcarts across the plains. Of course, we couldn't find handcarts for a nice pull.

However, we made some nice bonnets and cowboy scarfs. Don't our Hungarian pioneers look great?

We pretended we had taken a lunch break from pulling our carts to first have a stick pull...

and then play pick up sticks.

How's this for an action shot of a wheelbarrow race?

It stopped raining long enough for a tug of war...

a three legged race (on closer inspection I think the winners cheated!)...

a watermelon seed spitting contest (the women said "I don't spit.")...

and an egg on a spoon race.

The cook said the pioneer food was ready so we went back to the chapel and chowed down on white bean soup and bread and milk with blueberries and currents--all pioneer favorites according to our consultant Aunt Gwen.

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  1. Nice bonnets. I hope you are putting the Branch photos up somewhere (print copies maybe) where the Branch can see them. They'd love it.