Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Back to the future?

Can you go back to where you were raised and relive the past? Or does the present interfere?

The first stop in Caroly's Susanville was the home at 201 Alexander. The front door and porch are gone.

This is now the entry. Most of the apple trees are gone.

Here is what we found as we looked around for Trixie the horse.

The Susan River still is flowing well along the property.

The field that Trixie ran in now is filled with low cost housing.

Some of the fields Caroly used to ride her horse through are still there. Most are now filled with houses.

The nearby lumber mill where Caroly's dad Bleak used to grade lumber is now closed.

We dragged Main Street to relive old times. The high school wasn't easy to recognize with various additions and upgrades.

The A&W root beer stand where young Caroly used to carry trays of root beer to customers has been a Chinese restaurant for 25 years.

We headed out to Standish where the Powells farmed before moving into Susanville.

The farm buildings and rose bushes are gone, replaced by several new houses, but here are the fields out back.

This is what is left of the store that Caroly used to ride her horse to on errands.

She went to 4th and 5th grade in this town, but the small school has been replaced by a large modern school to serve the many new residents in the area.

Last was a stop at the cemetery in Janesville...

to visit the grave of Bleak and Evelyn.

So you can see, the present and the future interfere with a visit to the past. But here is a nice look at the mountains on the way out of Susanville.

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  1. How great to see the places mom used to roam when she was a lass. ;) I'm glad you put those places up there for future generations. Maybe one day we will try to go up and see those places ourselves. Although it would be even greater to go with mom, and hear a first hand account of how it used to be.