Saturday, April 7, 2012

Stranded in Butte, Montana

I thought the poem says "April showers bring May flowers." I don't think the poem works in Northern Idaho and Montana. This looks more like snow to me.

Caroly is enjoying it.

A blizzard with an expected three feet of snow closed the Interstate through the mountains from Butte, Montana to Burley, Idaho for our visit with Diana so we're holed up here until tomorrow when the roads are plowed. I'm trying to taste the fresh snow as it swirls by. You can't really get a good picture of swirling, falling snow.

Here's the car in the morning, covered with a thick layer of ice and dusted with snow at 6ยบ F. Luckily our Florida car started right up.

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  1. How exciting. At least you were in a nice, safe, place when the blizzard started.