Sunday, April 1, 2012

General Conference in Salt Lake

We made it to General Conference in the conference center, the main reason for our three week trip out west. We had great seats close to the front in the middle of the lower level.

Deb and Eric were our official guides so we'd be on time to the Saturday morning session.

We even got to pose by the temple we were married in.

The other sessions we watched on TV. Here Caroly's brother Larry and wife Rose and daughter Marybeth are treating us to Hungarian palacsintas before the Sunday morning session. (They thought we were eating crepes.)

The afternoon session we watched at Aunt Gwen and Uncle Gene's with niece Caprene. Does it look like we are enjoying the session?

Of course, hearing the prophet speak was a highlight. (The TV version is much clearer than being there in person.)

But the high point was watching family friend from Gainesville Matt Dame singing for the first time in the Tabernacle Choir. That's him with no hair in the top row. He is Wendy's age.

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  1. How fun and exciting. Looks like you two are having a blast.