Thursday, April 12, 2012

Last Stop

We're now at the last stop in our three week tour to visit the relatives. Here is daughter Carrie and her lovely family in Loveland, Colorado

While the parents worked, we had grandparent duty for two days. Here grandpa is being egged by Allie and Cassie. Luckily the Easter eggs were filled with confetti.

Of course, Thompson descendents go to the Big Thompson School. (Does it look like I am a big enough Thompson?)

Cassie, Allie, and Maddie are showing off their gymnastics skills before their lesson.

Cassie is trying on her costume for her tap dance recital.

Maddie is hip hopping away in her dance lesson.

Cassie decided that since the day was nice (in the 60s) that she would have a strawberry picnic.

The elk are still grazing in the neighborhood waiting for the snows to melt in the mountains.

Of course, we had to ride horses. Here are Allie and Carrie.

Does grandma look like she is having fun with Cassie?

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