Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Country living

You know that we love to go exploring. Hiking around and walking is much better than exercising in our room. Does this look like we are in the foothills of the Austrian Alps? That's what they call these hills we live on. They seem more like the toes than the feet of the Alps! Recognize the radio tower in the background?

Here's mom getting ready to climb a tower near our house for a look-about.

On the other side of Sopron you can see Austria and the blue of Lake Fertö. Of course, since we are looking into Austria, we ought to use the Germany name: Neusiedlersee.

Since Floridians are flatlanders, lets walk over that way. (On the Hungarian side, of course.) You meet lots of hayseeds in the countryside.

Mom finally found a horse.

Even the roofs of the barns are made of straw.

How would you like to meet up with one of these Hungarian bulls? They put round brass tips on the horns so they can't gore each other.

They use whips and dogs like this to herd the animals around. Do you feel safer now?

Here's a cute picture made of dried leaves that mom wanted to share. See, they don't just use straw.

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