Saturday, September 18, 2010

Street meeting

Here we are setting up a street meeting to meet people.

Do you think my preaching will bring them in?

We used the balloon approach. Elder Rummler makes balloon animals to attract the families with children. Elder Baumgartl tells them we'll bring them some American süti (dessert--brownies) to try out. Then we go teach them.

Of course it helps to stage a parade to get people to stop. Do you think the sign says "Get your free Book of Mormon here"?

We even had baton twirlers...

and high stepping dancing girls...

and a marching band...

with various camp followers.

It must have all worked. We got 9 new families to teach and Mom gave away a Book of Mormon.(The chef's hats should clue you in that the parade is advertising the Sopron cooking convention and contest and is inviting everyone to come try out the goulash.)

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  1. Wog! A great idea! You are an inspiration to us "old" missionaries.