Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Varosi könyvtár--city library

Kim wanted us to find the public library and take a picture to show in her presentations about public libraries around the world. Of course the first problem is to determine what they call a public library. Most libraries are associated with universities. Finally I found through the Internet, the website for Sopron's public library. The phone book then gave me the address. Here it is, not far from the church.

Above the front door you can see that it is named in honor of István Széchenyi, the famous Hungarian nobleman who spent his fortune improving the lives of Hungarians, including starting the Hungarian library system. One of his estates was not far from Sopron.

Here is the check out stand. In the two stories they include a film club, children's story time, and other activities for the public. I was double parked when I ran in to get this picture so I didn't do much exploring. What I know, I learned from the website.

The next day as we were exploring the town in our morning walk, we decided to go to the old mill that we can see from our balcony window. You can see that it is surrounded by a building.

We went inside and took this picture so you can see how it was made.

On the way out, this sign caught our eyes: library to the left. You can see it in the background, on the ground floor behind the laundry.

Just before you go in, you pass this sign advertising free Internet for the public.

This branch library is rather small. It is just this room. It has two computers that the public can use for the Internet. You can see that it is quite pleasant inside. That is the surprise of Hungarian buildings. They can look rather shabby outside but look great inside. This branch has a children's and a youth section, as well as reference books and a collection of DVDs.

We went outside to see why we missed that the branch library was here. This is the gate to enter the labyrinth that leads to the tower.

Aha, here high to the left on the wall next to the gate is a sign for the library. If you click on the picture, you can see it is part of the Széchenyi István Varosi Könyvtár system.

Across the street is this sign advertising free Internet access. On the way home, I noted that this sign is outside the Western Hungary University library too, so this might be the best way to discover where the libraries are when you are walking the streets in Hungary. Look for the sign for free Internet.

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