Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy as a hound dog!

Of course you know what makes Mom happier than a hound dog---HORSES!! On the way back from inspecting missionary apartments in Györ we passed our first horse!! Of course we had to pull off the road and get a picture.

When we stopped at the Széchenyi Castle outside Sopron, I told Caroly--"I smell horses!" She said she had smelled them already and was ready to use our blood hound noses to find out where they were.

This archway was the entrance to a patio surrounded by stables like a horse minimall. Click on the picture below to see how the stall windows are decorated with flowers.

Széchenyi felt that the first step to improving Hungary was to improve the quality of the horses. To get the noblemen interested in his project (since they were the ones with the money), he decided to tap into their competitive spirits by encouraging horse racing. He figured that if the rich improved their breeding stock to win races, it was bound to improve everyone's horses--his version of trickle down economics. It must have worked since Hungary became known for its horses and horsemen.

Look at how beautiful the stalls are. He treated both people and animals with dignity.

Does Mom look happy?

The horses were all stallions. (Mom notices things like that. They all just looked like horses to me.)

I think this one needs a haircut.

Do you think Mom will have us back here with the first snowfall?

How about these carriages?

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