Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vörös--the new blond?

You don't see a lot of blonds running around. Instead, women here seem to think that red is the color to attract the attention of men. It comes in all shades and is found on all shapes, sizes, and ages of women. My Hungarian dictionary says that the word for red hair, vörös, also means "foxy." Here's a sampling of the redheads seen on the streets. I'll let you decide how foxy they are. My informal street count says about 20% of women are going for the foxy look. (The anthropologist in me drives me to look for these lifestyle patterns wherever I am.)

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  1. Well it looks like you have seen orange as well, but have you seen purple yet? I didn't believe Chrissy when she said the old ladies in Armenia had purple hair until I saw it with my own eyes!