Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Budapest Christmas Fair

After zone conference in Budapest yesterday, we went to the 10th Annual Budapest Christmas Fair, one of the biggest Christmas fairs in Europe. It started two weeks ago and lasts until Christmas. It specializes in Hungarian culture, food, music, dance, and folkart. Of course, the first thing that strikes the eye is the white lights down the streets.

We found this nice Hungarian to be our guide.

Of course, since this is Christmas, the first things we have to look at are the manger scenes. Since this is traditional folkart, they are made of such things as leaves, dried flowers, and nut shells.

Hungarians love ceramics. How do you like this collection of animals...

or these drawer handles? We thought of buying some for you but decided they might break in the mail.

Mom decided to become a puppeteer!

Isn't this doll house cute? Anyone ready to get out the wood and some tools and make one?

Spencer, Chris, and Tom. I don't remember making pig boards like this in high school shop!

This gingerbread nativity scene is making me hungry.

What's cooking here?

I wonder which one this sign is advertising? I'm all for trying out the local delicacies, but this one is a little too delicate.

Our guide wanted us to try out the famous hot Hungarian wine. We opted for hot apple cider. It was great.

Our guide insisted that we try out Hungarian chimney bread or kürtöskalács (kirtushkalach). First they roll strips of bread dough around a big tapered wooden cylinder.

Then they roast it over charcoal.

Then it is coated with sugar and roasted some more. You eat it by tearing off pieces of the chimney--much more appetizing than that rooster thing.

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