Monday, December 27, 2010

Second day of Christmas

What do you do on the second day of Christmas? You can walk around and see the town lit up at night...

or you can visit a wonderful member family like the Joós. She's our primary president and he is my clerk, as well as a member of the district presidency.

If you take a closer look at the tree, you can see that the decorations are mostly cookies and candies that were hastily put on the tree while the daughter was out for her evening walk on Christmas eve.

We came and sang Christmas carols on Christmas Eve and gave them a manger scene. They were so excited that they made a "daddy" size version to put beside it.

Of course, we had to eat, and eat, and eat. This was the main course after the delicious soup. Can you find the cabbage rolls and sauerkraut, the chicken breast stuffed with plums from their garden, the pork stuffed with sausage, the turkey and pork fingers, and the red cabbage, rice, and potatoes? Yum, yum.

Do we all look ready to eat? The Haslems, who had served here before us, joined the missionaries and us for the feed.

Afterwards, we ate nine different kinds of pastries for dessert. They filled the entire table.

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