Friday, December 31, 2010

Florida Thompson Home Movie Showdown--rules and results

Good morning video makers. You have nine hours on New Year's Eve to create your video and post it on YouTube by 9 p.m. Florida time. When you are ready to start, click on the following video to find out what has to be included in your production. We look forward to seeing your marvelous creations. Remember, they need to be under 4 minutes long.(Enjoy the results below!)

Here are the marvelous results!

Grandma and Grandpa's
"Reforming the Big Bad Wolf"

Joe and Heather's
"Blueberry Bandit IV"

Bonnie and Sean's
"Peter Pan's Lost Pets"

Rob and Jen's
"Super Baby I"

Sage and Troy's
"Super Baby II"

Chrissy and Randy's
"James First New Years"

Carrie and Jamie
"What's Precious"

Wendy, Debbie and Eric's
"The Potato Prison"

"Wagga Wagga Wonderland"

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  1. Awesome! Those were so fun to watch. I am glad ou posted the links.