Saturday, December 25, 2010

Kellemes karácsonyt--Merry Christmas

It's Christmas Eve and the streets are filled with children walking around with parents, older brothers and sisters, or grandparents.

They are walking the streets so baby Jesus can come decorate their tree and give them presents. That means it is time for the traditional Thompson caroling!!

Since we don't have the Hungarian carols memorized, we'll have to take along these cute song books that one of our teenagers, Bianka, decorated for the branch. We're taking extras so the families can sing along with us.

We made these manger scenes to give away with a Liahona (the church magazine) and a sack of mandarin oranges. Since we're from Florida, we have to give oranges of some type. Don't look too closely or you'll notice that baby Jesus is a gummy bear and Joseph is Frosty the Snowman in disguise.

Should we take a bunch of missionaries too?

The apartments are pretty small so that might be overpowering. So it will just be us.

Is Bea sprouting wings?

Anna Horvath, her parents and brother seemed to enjoy it.

As we walked around, I think we saw Santa looking for Americans. He already came to the Hungarian children on December 6.

I got this picture of the "jolly old elf" and his Hungarian helper elves when he found our house.

Here's Santa's helper mom enjoying her special family picture book that Debbie put together with everyone's help. Thank you!! Everyone loves it.

Kim sent us a copy of "Letters to Grandma" to help us remember our adventures through the years. Mom just got up to the section about our adventures in Hungary twenty years ago.

The Relief Society did embroidery for the month before Christmas to give as special presents to sisters in the branch. Mom is now an expert cross stitcher. She was surprised to receive these in return for her efforts.

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