Monday, October 25, 2010

Austrian Hooper water?

Okay, family. I know how you all love to go to Soda Springs to drink Hooper water.

Don't you miss that great taste as you dip it straight from the spring?

Just a mile or two from our place in Sopron just a few feet over the border in Austria at Deutschkreuz (Sopronkeresztúr when it belonged to Hungary) they have the same water bubbling out of the ground. This shelter is not as picturesque as the one in Soda.

In fact, as you can see below, they've taken the fun out of collecting it--Germanic efficiency? They had a steady stream of soda lovers from both Austria and Hungary getting their free bubbly. Grandma Buckley and Aunt Gwen would love it. (I still think it tastes best with flavoring added though mom likes it straight.)

Though you can come and get as much as you want for free, they do bottle it to sell.

They even seem to have a mascot.

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