Friday, October 15, 2010

Visiting Bela IV

As long as we are in Hungary, we might as well visit long lost relatives. Let's go see the famous king Bela IV our ancestor from the 1200s who built a castle in Visegrad on the Danube north of Budapest.

Here is the castle on the mountain top.

The Austrians blew it up a couple of hundred years ago to prevent the rebellious Hungarians from using it as a base. Here's a look at the ruins from the air. Just parts have been restored.

The main gate is down the hill near the Danube.

Let me see. Do I remember the password so I can get past the guard?

We made it. Here's the lower tower. From here they kept watch on the Danube so they could control who was going up and down the river.

Here you can see how close the river is.

Let's see. To get to the main castle, all I have to do is follow the wall up to the top of the mountain.

Whew! We made it.

Bela didn't tell me he had a special dress standard for this occasion.

The food looks good. I knew he was expecting us.

How did he know that I am a dancing fool?

I don't think Bela liked my cha-cha.

Mom thinks that if I were a real Hungarian, this is how I would make my escape--standing on the back of a horse!

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  1. So many cool pictures. I just caught up on the last few entries. You 2 are so fun.