Saturday, October 9, 2010

English club

One way we have to meet people is to go to this pub on Wednesday night where people from the community who like to speak English gather in the back room. (For those who are shocked that we go to a pub, remember, a pub is not a saloon or bar, but what Brits call a cozy restaurant where friends can gather to talk while eating and drinking--for us Sprite or apple juice, of course. We've heard that their bean soup is heavenly but we usually have eaten by then.)

Richard, our neighbor from the US and Canada, is the organizer. He's the one with a beard standing to cut his birthday cake. It officially starts at 7. Those who like the "quiet" discussion before the boisterous Brits and Americans arrive come then. The crowds appear at about 9.

When we leave to go home at about 9:30, the place is packed with about 30 students, professors, doctors, vagabonds, politicians, journalists, and various other sorts from around the world who like to speak English. Native speakers of English are definitely in the minority. (Only 5 last week counting us.) The rest are Danish, African, Polish, German, Austrian, Hungarian, Dutch, Finnish, and the like.

One way we have to stimulate conversation and find people who might be interested in the church is to take family pictures along. What kind of conversation do you think these pictures will stimulate?

Of course, this one gets the most discussion of all!

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