Sunday, October 3, 2010

Primary activity day

What's a good way for the primary to have its first ever activity day?--go to the circus with Grandma and Grandpa Thompson, of course. Click on the video for the action.

No this isn't how we teach discipline in primary. They are just putting in the stakes to hold up the tent. The next step is to hoist up the Big Top from the back of this truck. We almost expected to see Dumbo flying around.

It's now ready for our primary. (Sorry we couldn't show the tent raising action--we had to get off to our English class.)

Here we are. Seventy five percent attendance isn't bad for a first time activity. Only one girl was missing. She was with her parents in Germany at the temple.

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  1. Wow You put up that whole tent just for the three of them? Thats amazing!