Tuesday, October 12, 2010

P-Day--our day to relax

I'm sure you are wondering what we do on Monday, our P-Day, or day off. One of the first things we do is wash the car. There is road construction nearby so our car gets quite dirty just sitting in front of the house. If I had taken a before picture, you would have thought that the car was brown.

Lately, we have been playing squash with the missionaries.

Then it is shopping time. During the week we pick up things here and there at the shops along the way, such as this meat shop...

this bakery...

or this fruit stand. The mother is picking up a supply of chestnuts to roast. Mom loves to pick up grapes every time we go by. Doesn't everything else look delicious? Notice that they have started to sell green wreaths to celebrate the fall season.

But on P-day we have the car, so we stop at a supermarket to pick up more than we would want to carry home in our bags. Imagine carrying home a watermelon or a big pumpkin or squash in your bag along with lots of milk and drinks! We've done it as part of our weight training program--two big bags each, but you have to be lazy once in a while :)

Here are the fruits and vegetables...

the bread (usually unwrapped and uncut though you can get some sliced bread in a wrapper)...

the meat (you point to what you want and tell them how much to cut off) ...

the juices, sodas, and fruit syrups ...

and the milk, eggs, and dairy products. Milk usually comes in boxes that you don't have to refrigerate until you open it.

Then we head out on a walk to explore the area. We had a frost yesterday and the leaves are starting to change color.

Doesn't the forest look lovely?

Of course you know that we love to try out all sorts of transportation.

On this walk through the hills we came to Kaland Park, or Adventure Park, a zip line park that is designed for all ages. This is the "bébi" or baby section. Look at the fun things they have for children up to age 7 to do suspended from the trees. Click on the pictures for a closer look.

Mom's trying this one out for the grandkids.

This is the "gyerek" or children's section for those up through their mid teens. It is one level higher in the trees above the "bebi" zip line trail. Can you see the lines that they keep themselves tied to?

The third level up is for the "felnöt" or adults. They give you a short training session on how to keep yourself secured to the safely lines then turn you loose. Click on the picture so you can see how you climb up to the third level. If you look back through the picture, you can sometimes see the three levels, one above the other, though the adult level does go zipping further off into the forest canopy.

Is that mom zipping through the trees?

It sure looks like it.

Who's this climbing the tree?

Why, it's dad!

The park was so exciting that dad felt like he had the superpowers of a rocket. We know our kids would love this park if they came to visit.

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